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Wordfeud for PC

For the readers that don’t know, Wordfeud is a word game for Android, iPhone and Windows phones. It’s good, it’s addictive, but it’s limited to phones only. That’s bizarre, to say the least, because it wouldn’t be hard to officially support it on laptops or PC’s. I present the solution: Wordfeud for PC. It’s a simple/plain port from the mobile game to a browser version. It does contain some bugs, it is unfinished, but it’s playable.


An example game on Wordfeud for PC– Log in with your Wordfeud username (no need to re-register if you had registered on your phone)
– Register for new players
– Play against people on phones and computers alike.
– Pick up where you left off if you switch from phone to computer or vice versa.
– Support for Dutch games only (will be upgraded upon request)
– Invite other players by username
– Publish a finished game to Facebook


– Other languages than Dutch
– Random board layout support
– A very pretty interface
– Challenge random opponent


I’ll be interested to read your comments, suggestions and requests below. Enjoy!

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