From blind XXE to root-level file read access

Polyphemus, by Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Tischbein, 1802 (Landesmuseum Oldenburg)

On a recent bug bounty adventure, I came across an XML endpoint that responded interestingly to attempted XXE exploitation. The endpoint was largely undocumented, and the only reference to it that I could find was an early 2016 post from a distraught developer in difficulties.

Below, I will outline the thought process that helped me make sense of what I encountered, and that in the end allowed me to elevate what seemed to be a medium-criticality vulnerability into a critical finding.

I will put deliberate emphasis on the various error messages that I encountered in the hope that it can point others in the right direction in the future.

Note that I have anonymised all endpoints and other identifiable information, as the vulnerability was reported as part of a private disclosure program, and the affected company does not want any information regarding their environment or this finding to be published.

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